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Successful flight for Chinas 1st jumbo airfreighter更多>>
A ventilator sales company has also promised to give a modern machine to the family for free. 2020-10-21
Big investment brings big development, Fan said. 2020-10-12
Meanwhile, they will join efforts in connecting the international production capacity cooperation with Kazakhstans push for industrialization, sharing Chinas transportation advantages on land and by sea with the worlds biggest landlocked country, and linking Chinas digital Silk Road initiative with the digital Kazakhstan strategy. 2020-10-30
Efforts will be made to build a law-based business environment, to promote the introduction of foreign investment, and to give better play to foreign-funded businesses their important role in promoting the development of the real economy, according to the statement. 2020-10-4
Though final casualty figures inflicted by hurricane Irma are not immediately known, the death toll has already risen to 12 in the US, according to local authorities on Tuesday. 2020-10-13
But it was a decision they regret. 2020-10-30
Pollution casts pall over cities livabilityHarsher air pollution penalties sought JINAN - Dozens of flights were delayed and highway traffic was affected after heavy fog shrouded parts of northern China early Sunday. 2020-10-27
In addition, he said a pilot program of supervisory commissions has been established on a trial basis in Beijing, Shanxi and Zhejiang provinces, adding that it contributes to accumulating experience for pushing forward the anti-graft legislation. 2020-10-11
Trade war a bluff in the game of a paper tiger更多>>
Dandong is a prefecture-level city facing the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) on the Yalu River, which serves as the China-DPRK border post. 2020-10-9
In village after village in Rakhine, enumerators were asking households to identify their ethnicity. 2020-10-13
The Chinese mainland spent 0. 2015-8-5
Gold spot traded at ,473. 2019-2-13
Nonetheless, Chinas trade volume will continue to grow in the final quarter, and may register double-digit growth in the full year, Huang said. 2018-8-24
Wedding dress made of tissuesCan you imagine wearing tissues on your wedding day?Students from Hubei University of Economics drew wide attention when they wore gowns made of tissues at a design competition on April 23. 2015-6-24
5% of Beijing residents accept the need to build an auxiliary capital to address its megacity woes, according to a survey published on Thursday. 2017-7-12
She regards the activity as a healthy form of exercise. 2018-1-1
We are going to be held responsible for developing some programs under these agreements and we will be called upon to develop some specific action and agenda items around research and sharing opportunities for investment in both directions, she said.
Just a month ago, Temasek agreed to swap its controlling stake in Indonesias Bank Danamon to boost its stake in DBS Group Holdings as part of DBSs .
He added that the county government has sent two work groups to the epicenter to further check the conditions.
Yang said publication of the standards will also substantially help Chinas high-speed railway exports.
68 per 100,000 members of the population in 2010.
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During the three-day May Day Holiday, the week-long National Day Holiday, the standard double bed room can go for 200 yuan (), said Zhang.  WASHINGTON  -- US federal government has issued a warning to US and some foreign airlines that fly to Russia for the Olympic Games about toothpaste bomb threats, multiple US media reported on Wednesday.
As said, the speed and magnitude of urbanization is significant in China.  Movie star Chen Kun ranked 30th for his book on journeys to the Tibet autonomous region.
Prievidza win three games in a row in Slovak Basketball League更多>>
Rescue workers search for survivors trapped under debris at the site of a collapsed residential building in central Mumbai, June 11, 2013. 2015-5-2 
Authorities in Pingtan have implemented a series of protective measures against the typhoon since early Tuesday. 2018-4-24 
It has slowed from extremely fast to very fast. 2019-5-20 
The flow of FDI to the countrys western and northeastern regions will receive extra support. 2015-5-12 
5 in particular exceeding standards, according to an annual environmental report released on Thursday. 2015-12-31 
A woman reads a book outside a library decorated by some forty thousand pieces of wood surrounding the glass ceiling and outer walls in Jiaojiehe village, Beijings Huairou district, July 11, 2012. 2015-12-7 
According to Australias foreign investment review board, China was the top source of foreign capital investment in Australian real estate in 2013. 2018-9-20 
  Tsitsipas beats Thiem in 3 sets to win ATP Finals title更多>>
There is no big difference compared with previous years. 2018-2-20 
The eyes (of the movie characters) are joined and there is no gap between their eyes. 2017-10-19 
If coal can be used in a cleaner way, the air quality would then see a dramatic improvement, according to Bian. 2018-5-25 
3 percent year on year in August, slowing from 1. 2015-3-27 
Provincial governments should publish measures which allow children of migrant workers to take the exam at places where they currently reside, instead of having to go back their birthplaces to take the exam, as what is stipulated at present, according to the document. 2019-4-21 
At least 27 people died in riots that rocked Shanshan county, about 250 km from Urumqi, capital of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, on Wednesday. 2015-11-21 
With mid-term elections coming soon, US policy toward China may become tougher, at least in rhetoric. 2019-1-25 
Chinese economy on right development path under CPC leadership更多>>
Cui Tiankai, Beijings top envoy in Washington, said last week that many members of the international community have pinned hopes on US and China, the worlds largest economies and permanent members of the UN Security Council, to play their due parts in addressing global challenges. 2018-8-29 
The swindlers talked him into believing he was involved in a drug-related investigation, and Huang sent them the money in 17 transfers, 1 million yuan at a time. 2018-2-25 
Temperatures in Serbia have risen up to 40 degrees Celsius, according to official meteorological data. 2018-8-18 
GENEVA - China and Russia on Tuesday jointly submitted to a UN-sponsored disarmament conference an updated draft international treaty on banning the deployment of weapons in outer space. 2016-6-16 
WUHAN - The death toll of a drowning accident in Central Chinas Hubei province rose to six after another body was found on Sunday night, local authorities said Monday. 2016-9-3 
Vice-president Li Yuanchao shaking hands with volunteers working in Chinas western regions, at a meeting to mark the 10th anniversary of China’s Western Project, in Urumqi, Xinjiang autonomous region, on Sept 2. 2017-11-24 
HIT Robot Group was established in December 2014 with funding from the provincial government and the Harbin Institute of Technology, an elite Chinese university that has conducted years of cutting-edge research on robotics. 2019-8-16 
There are none in this neighborhood of factories and more factories making shoes by the million. 2016-10-10 
  Terracotta warriors embarks on a one-year tour to Japan更多>>
A4: Increasing flexibility in the yuans exchange rate will contribute to Chinas expanding prominence in the world economy. 2016-8-28 
Some economists have said the increase in home prices alone could boost consumer spending enough to offset a Social Security tax increase that has reduced paychecks for most Americans this year. 2019-5-18 
On Dec 24, frequent cold fronts led to temperatures in 21 monitoring stations hitting record lows. 2019-3-25 
A county grand jury is weighing whether to indict Ferguson officer Darren Wilson in Browns shooting. 2019-9-16 
03 million people were 65 or above. 2018-2-8 
Worldwide, fewer than half of the countdown countries are likely to meet MDG 4, and only a small fraction will achieve MDG 5, according to the review group. 2016-7-13 
Crude oil output came in at 31. 2016-11-15 
The tertiary industry and residential power consumption saw slower growth in the quarter, rising 7. 2017-4-31 
Over 2m Beijing residents tested so far amid infections更多
Chinese yuan strengthens to 6.9307 against USD Thursday更多
  Health authorities have strengthened H7N9 prevention and control measures including the closure of live poultry markets in some affected cities. The mainland wants to share the opportunities of economic growth with Taiwan and to take Taiwan peoples interests into consideration in cross-Straits exchanges, he added. In July alone, their profits surged 11 percent to 523 billion yuan, the second highest monthly growth this year and much faster than the increase of 5. File photo of Xi Xiaoming. Mauritius clean air and white beaches create a superb natural environment.
  Aobao, an important Mongolian cultural symbol, is a pile of stones or clods located on top of mountains with colorful strips or paper hung on top. Wang Xiuzhen, 64, a retired worker, said a clear no to the proposal. The US plan to create the position of Arctic ambassador and the increasing attention the region is getting from other countries show that competition for the regions untapped natural resources is heating up, experts say. The two overseas economic and trade cooperation zones are the China-Hungary trade and economic zone, which received investment from Wanhua Chemical Group, and the China-Russia timber trade cooperation zone, which received investment from Avic Forestry.